Monday, November 22, 2010

Paper Crafting, Scrapbooking, Etc...

I am currently purging my office... This is a project I have attempted and failed at so many times I've officially lost count. So far, I have managed to recycle, burn , or throw out 4 banker's boxes full of stuff. I'm working on 2 more boxes before the end of the day. Tomorrow's focus will be sorting to donate to our homeschool co-op as well as the boys' youth group and maybe the church's children's department.  I've decided to focus my supplies on papers that I WILL use on scrapbook layouts, stickers that the boys and I WILL use for either school or picture art, Vintage bits and pieces that will work for ATCs and finally things that will inspire me. If it doesn't fit into one of those categories then it is out of here... I need this space to inspire creativity and a sense of peace. I hope to have pretty things out where I can see them instead of crammed in boxes hiding.  So far, I am feeling better about this attempt then I have in the past so that should keep me going.
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