Thursday, February 28, 2013

Does breakfast have to be an expensive rush? Not with #BreakfastSavings

just for u savings
 Breakfast can be the hardest meal to fix in a rush and on a budget, but it doesn't have to be thanks to Safeway and this week's promotion.

  I recently took my son to Safeway to pick up a couple breakfast items that will make our mornings smoother. Normally I would coupon match and spend time on Safeway's Just for U sight to rock the savings, this time it was right after homeschool co-op so all I had was the weekly circular. I love the side bar ads (underneath they show the $5 Friday deals that are always winners). This week (February 27- March 5, 2013) is an awesome Buy 4 Save $4 Rise and Shine Savings.  I knew we needed some breakfast stuff for my picky kiddo (he doesn't like eggs, doesn't like pancakes, not a huge milk drinker, etc..)  So with the circular in hand we headed into our local Safeway store 
 Thankfully we found Milk on sale as well as cereal bars, yogurt, cereal, and even some vegetarian bacon.
My awesome little helped loaded all the groceries onto the conveyor belt for the cashier, glad he was there to see exactly what was available and what he got since he is my picky eater. I was also glad he could see the prices and the value of those various items as we shopped the store.  I usually just type in my phone number as soon as the cashier starts my order, but since my guy was with me and I wanted him to see the values I waited until the last minute to put my number in. 
We started with just under $30 in groceries and ended up just under $20, when we got home he made me check for coupons I might have that could have saved us more, I found a couple valued at about $1.50 or so, next time.
Our quick shopping trip sure made this morning's breakfast easier and affordable, two things that make this homeschooling mama a lot happier.
With great deals and our pantry organization projects breakfast is now a lot less stressful.
You can check out more pictures from our breakfast journey on Google
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mom fashion: new make up? #MagicBBCream

I tried out the new MAGIC Skin Beautifier  B.B. Cream from LOREAL Paris courtesy of SheSpeaks.  I don't use a lot of make-up, but I am always on the look out for something to use as a basic tone and something that will give me an even color with out looking obvious and without looking too caked one..

 L'OREAL's new MAGIC Skin Beautifier  B.B. Cream says it is a 4 in 1 product that primes, perfects, hydrates, and corrects. Retailing for $10.95 for a 1.0 FL. OZ.

Armed with the idea that this could realistically be the answer to my search , I used the product for a little over 2 weeks I tried the product.
Day one

Day 16

After 2 weeks I noticed my skin was drier than before causing the make to look caked on although skin an even color even my husband said it looked like I was wearing make-up which is not the goal. I want it to look natural.  I did find that the coverage of certain issue spots was effective while not making it obvious that I was trying to cover something up.  I've spent most of my make-up years searching for a good color and I have to say that L'OREAL provided a good color with this product, a basic color. I will continue to use MAGIC Skin Beautifier  B.B. Cream  on occasion but will be adding a stronger moisturizer before applying. 
For daily wear though,  I think I will stick to the my more basic option, a little moisturizer, lips and eyes and leave it at that. 

1 week later back to the basics, no foundation other than moisturizer

I received the above mentioned product in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are that of this blogger, no monetary compensation was received.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Steakhouse dinner at home

Lately if and when we have gone out to dinner, I have been less then impressed.
So I decided to do a steakhouse dinner at home.
Broccoli with cheese sauce, brown rice cooked in beef broth, and a Top Sirloin steak medium grilled on a hot BBQ topped with shitaki mushrooms and red onions in a balsamic reduction. It was pure heaven and since the broccoli and onions came from a gleaning project, the rice was given to us, etc.... the total meal for all 4 of use was less than $20. (steaks priced out at around $8.00) (beef broth was made from neck bone this past fall and stored in the pantry and the cheese sauce was a simple sauce of milk, butter and a small bit of cheese, not super heavy).

It had all the flavor of a steakhouse meal with out the huge price tag.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

For the last 8 years my husband has brought home a card and a cute little stuffed animal for Valentine's Day. This year he stepped up and added a dozen red roses to the trip.  I'm pretty blessed to have him in my life.