Sunday, January 9, 2011

Clutter Rehab: Boys' Bedroom

My husband has hopped on board the clutter rehab wagon and jumped in to help with the boys' bedroom this weekend. Actually he did most of the work.
We purged toys, we sorted and purged clothes (if it is too big it has a box in the top of the closet), we hung dress shirts, we moved Lego and game pieces out of the bedroom, and finally we pulled almost all of the Fisher Price Little People out of the bedroom and bagged them up for donation. I let the boys keep the castle and woodsman's piece as they have a lot of Playmobil Knights and no castle for the knights. I am going to continue purging as I catch up on the laundry, but it sure looks good...
We limited the boys to a couple of small blankets each and collected up the remaining to be donated as well... I am hoping this will also help them realize that even when things seem tight and they don't get what they want, we are still blessed to have so much.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Clutter Rehab: necklaces

While reading "clutter Rehab" I was happy to find the suggestion for necklace/ jewelry organization, it was one similar to what I had recently done. In the book Laura suggests making one, well I bought a tie organizer thing at Wal-Mart. It only had 6  hooks but fits perfectly on the side of the cupboard near my sink.  I alternated chunky necklaces with think delicate ones... Funny thing is I hardly wear them, but they do look pretty on the wall..
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Friday, January 7, 2011

Clutter Rehab: The Christmas Decor

I took down the tree and was content to just put the ornaments in the garage cupboard until I realized they would not fit in the box I had planned for them. That started a purge and reorganization of the Christmas shelf. My husband purchased speakers for a project build recently and still had all the boxes. See how all the smaller boxes fit in the heavy duty shipping box made us both think of using them for the ornaments. 20 minutes later all 3 of the boys were cutting and building divider boxes for ornaments, while they did that I worked on sorting and purging for broken ornaments (a long sad story, but I now know ornaments should not be stored in Steralite drawers.). The boys brought me the divider boxes and I started putting ornaments in... I now have a box of black ornaments, a box of red ornaments, and 2 boxes of gold ornaments. The burgundy ornaments remained in their own box and the coca-cola ornaments are still in their previous box. Everything is put on one shelf. I still have 3 smaller boxes to sort (handmade ornaments and sentimental ornaments from growing up) but it got too cold in the garage to work on it anymore.  I am happy with the results so far and will continue on my clutter rehab journey... This afternoon I am working on a pile in my office.
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