Thursday, December 30, 2010

Clutter Rehab part 1

I was given a copy of Clutter Rehab by Laura Wittman to read and review on Amazon and am starting the journey and sharing with you all.
101 tips to concur clutter. I'm all over that.. My life is chaos and clutter all rolled into one. So I read through the book and realized we were already doing some of the things and a few of the things we weren't doing could be easily implemented to make life easier. The first thing we decided to try was the laundry baskets. I had each of the boys put their laundry in a basket and bring it into the laundry room. I will be giving each of them their own basket but wanted to start now and not wait to find color coordinated baskets (that is another idea from the book, color coordinate the kids. We already do this for school why not for household stuff too). Any way the boys each brought in their baskets. C started and put his laundry in the washer, about 30 minutes later I had N bring in his basket and switched the laundry. There is something about knowing the load in the dryer belongs to one person, makes the idea of folding and putting it away less daunting.  So the second load is in the dryer and should be done shortly.  I also don't sort except for reds (I did a red load earlier today because red no matter how old it seems always seems to bleed into something else..).
        So our next step will be to finish the color coordinating of the kids. C is blue and N is green so I will be getting a green set of bath towels and a blue wash clothe (We already have blue bath towels) and will also be watching for colored baskets or bins for laundry, something small enough for them to handle but large enough to make a load.
       I also liked the idea of limiting bedding to 2 sheet sets per person. I am going to purge the linen closet in our bathroom tomorrow and keep 4 sets (I like the jersey knit and M likes the plain cotton but will put up with the knit once in a while). As for the boys, I will make sure we have at least 2 fitted sheets per twin bed. I'm also going to try and limit the number of blankets each of the boys has to 3 not including their comforters.    
     There are so many great ideas in this little book that I decided to put post-it notes on my favorites and blog as we implement them..

Happy New Year and Happy de-cluttering.

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  1. I may have to check this out myself. I really like the ideas that you've mentioned here. My house is complete CHAOS and I'm trying to find any way to keep things a bit less insane. :)