Sunday, November 18, 2012

Batman Power Attacks attack a 10year old's Birthday

Earlier this month our oldest turned 10 and we wanted to throw him a party. Thankfully we received a wonderful opportunity to host a Mattel Batman Power Attacks party. The party box arrived just a couple of days before the party so I let him open and check out the goodies. 
Of course the Batmobile was a hit even before it was out of the package. We sorted the goodies and were overwhelmed by the contents. 10 Batman Power Attacks action figures (including a Robin and 1 villian), 10 goody boxes filled with Batman themed toys, 10 mylar ballons, the Batmobile, and 3 larger action figures.

We decided we had to have a helium tank to go with the balloons,  but other than that and a cake, it really was a party ready box.  Now to wait for the party.
Since the party was a couple of days away, Mommy and the birthday boy celebrated on his birthday with an ice cream treat at The Blockhouse Cafe a local restaurant.

Sunday finally arrived and the boys (including Daddy were very excited). We set out of pick up a couple of last minute things including a birthday cake and helium tank and heading to the Pizza Caboose for the party. It was a drive but the pizzeria had been our favorite hang out in years past and hosted 3 previous birthdays (1,2,and 3) for Cameron.
 Daddy set to blowing up the balloons for the party.  1 balloon and 1 goody box for each of the kids and once they arrived they would each pick out a Batman action figure.

 A personalized Batman cake thanks to the bakery at Safeway and a creative Auntie who made a fondant Batman symbol.

 Any one know how hard it is to get 4 little boys all smile together? Well they weren't excited about getting their picture taken, they wanted to get back to the games.

We did a relay with the Bat-mobile from one end of the room to the other, for bragging rights.
 Two of the world's cutest nephews loved their Batman toys and the games we played.  (Their maybe more action figures in their future, if auntie and uncle have their way.)

 We loved sharing the party with our nephews and Cameron's friends. What a way to celebrate a birthday by playing Batman and rescuing Gotham City and it's residents over pizza.
 One very happy birthday boy, enjoying cake on Batman themed plates, wearing his Batman t-shirt celebrating and sharing a wonderful Batman party thanks to Momselect

disclaimer: We received the above mentioned box of goodies to share with our friends and celebrate in exchange for sharing our experiences. 


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