Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review: Little Looster

The Little Looster was created by Monica Mylet a mom of 3. This fun horse shoe shaped stool wraps around the toilet instead of just sitting in front of it.  We received one to review and have been using it for a couple of weeks now.  We started out with it in the boys' bathroom and found the space where the toilet is was too crowded for it  so I moved it into my bathroom and it works better (our toilet is not standard so it doesn't slide as close as it could).. It has helped with Nathan sitting down and feeling secure enough to let go of the toilet seat.. Since my boys are older I wasn't sure how it would work. Cameron hates the idea of a stool in the bathroom but puts up with it... I do like the cut outs that make it possible for an adult to stand  in front of the toilet if need be. It is also light weight enough that it can be moved out of the way for a grown up to sit down.  The graphics that are stamped on the step part make it a little more fun (counting the L's) and the plain white plastic is super easy to clean up  in case of messes.

I love mom created products and seeing the story behind the Looster on Monica's website was great and to find out and read the Oregon connection makes the whole thing that much better.

Little Loosters can be found on Facebook , Twitter, and their website.
I would definitely recommend this product to a potty training family. I have to say a special Thank you to Monica for sending the package to Nathan (the boys don't get a lot of mail) making this product something that was special just for him. I love finding Mommy Companies, especially ones that support my local economy (Oregon)
Little Loosters sell for $34.99  online. Considering what is out there and what this product does I feel the price is well with-in reason and a good overall investment in the Mommy sanity

*** We received a Little Looster to use and review. The opinions in this post are ours and we received no financial compensation for this review****

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