Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Are you a HippMamma? Do you need 3 hands? #mompact #blogboost

If you are a Mom you know the feeling, 'I wish I had 3 hands'
I know there are days when I feel like that.

While I can't offer a third hand, I have found a great solution in The HippMama Toolbelt
As a homeschool Mom I always feel like I am looking for some teaching tool, be it my phone (it is a smart phone), pencils, a sharpener, wipes for noses, my water bottle, note cards, or any other little bit.

The HippMama Toolbelt keeps everything I need close at hand. I didn't feel awkward wearing it. The belt is fully adjustable and wide enough to be comfortable. I have the blue polka dots since I am a Mom of boys, although I think the pink polka dots is nice too.
According to my boys they don't mind me wearing when we go out, and I have even worn it teaching a creative writing class as well as a High School yearbook class in our homeschool co-op.
The belt comes with 5 pockets in varying sizes. All the pockets have Velcro closures at the top and wide Velcro straps to attach to the belt. There is also a handy hook for keys. I have worn this while shopping, homeschooling, and co-op teaching.
The belt retails for $40 and is available online through MomPact as well as from the HippMama website.

HippMAMA - The Tool Belt for Moms
HippMamma can also be found on Twitter or Facebook
HippMamma is one of several Mom Invented products found at MomPact

Per FTC guidelines links within this blog may be afiliate links where I receive a small percentage based on sales of a product. I received the HippMama Toolbelt as part of my consultant kit with MomPact and am offering my review based on my personal experience.

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