Monday, January 9, 2012

They hunger, but we can help be Champions for Kids.

Children in America go hunger and struggle through their days even with the assistance of school programs.
For many parents they often don't even know the help is out there and that they qualify for that help. Here in Oregon there are local Food Banks in most communities and the guidelines for those programs are very simple. It is a very real issue especially in this economy that people struggle and choices are made every day how to spend their hard earned money. All too often food budgets are cut making it hard to keep up with the appetites of that smallest ones. 
I am going to be very honest with you, I have been to the local FoodBanks myself and when my youngest was just an infant we received assistance from the WIC program. I was very grateful at the time for the assistance even though I was nursing my youngest we still needed to keep my oldest feed as well as the help keeping me able to feed my youngest.  Pride and lack of understanding of the program available often keep people from seeking the assistance that can so often make a world of difference, that is why I have chosen to participate in another wonderful program with the Champions For Kids projects. I am filling boxes for Abbott Industries products for 2 local Food Banks that have helped me and may family in the recent past and still do on occasion.  I know even couponing doesn't always get the job done for some families and I want to help when I can. I chose to participate in this program because I know that the products in this program can help give a child an extra boost in their day and can help a parent feel comfortable knowing their child is getting a little extra nutrition. The products are also helpful to the adults. I know as a parent there are days when I need a little extra energy to keep up with my boys and a little kick in the rear or a quick snack can make all the difference. 
Champions for KidsLast month Cameron and I did another Champions for Kids simple service project and it was one of the most rewarding things we have done together. Knowing that even the little bit we were able to do helped someone else felt good, revived my sense of community and the human nature. So, we decided to look into more programs and are happy to be involved in this program .  For January we are giving back to two organizations that are near and dear to us. Dayton First Baptist Church and Lafayette Community Church both have wonderful Food Banks where the staff is friendly and doesn't pass judgement on you no matter what your circumstances are.  Both these churches hold regular twice monthly food giveaways to people in their communities with open arms. They ask for nothing in return and only ask that you reside in the corresponding community. 
abbottlogojpgforSSsite.jpgNow as readers I would ask you to consider in the New Year giving what you can to help your local Food Bank and if you don't know yours, you can check with the county offices and they usually will have a list.  
If you are in my local area and would like to help with the boxes I am creating please feel free to leave a comment here. My goal is to fill 2 boxes with PediSure, Pediasure Sidekicks, and Zone Perfect Bars, and  to donate to the Food Banks before January 24th (a distribution day for both). 

Although this shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias the activity and additional assistance I am able to provide to these to charities is my own choosing. 

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