Thursday, July 26, 2012

DIY Hat and Hair decoration thanks to Dollar Tree

Getting ready to go out can sometimes mean taking it to the next level. Recently I attending a car tour with my husband and decided to wear my favorite dress. I needed some accessories though. I decided to wear my straw hat , but I really didn’t think the flowers on it matched the dress much less anything in my wardrobe.  So I hit the local Dollar Tree and picked up a couple of bunches of orange and white flowers, a headband , and some ribbons. I spent $5 and ended up with extras after the fact.

Anyway, here is my quick hat fix and headband


1 roll of grossgrain ribbon is usually more than $1 so I was happy to find 5/8” ribbon in white.


1 very plain straw hat, I removed the old blue and ivory bud flowers


My hot  glue gun doesn’t see near as much time as it use to but sure comes in handy when I need to do something quick.


I lined the end of the ribbon up on the patch where the previous flowers were to cover up the left over bits.


I placed the first flower and worked out from there.


I added 3 more flowers in white and orange to balance it out.


The finished product. I love the over the top flowers on the simple straw hat.  Read through the rest of the article to see me in the hat.

Now, I knew I would have 2 events to attend the weekend I made the hat for so I decided to mix it up a bit and do simple headband while I was at it.


I  decided to go with an orange headband to keep it a little more subtle instead of the bright white.















I took 1 flower off its stem and flattened it the best I could, then a bit of hot glue and attached it to the headband.


A quick and easy  headband  and I’m ready to go. I like it simple and easy, and simple feminine touches can make such a difference.









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