Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Strawberries , Sun, and Salad with a Mission for Organic

June and July in Oregon means one thing, Strawberry season. OK maybe a few other things, but the strawberry season in Oregon is a welcome event. Local strawberries are super sweet and hit the spot.  When we were asked to try out the new Mission brand Organic tortilla chips I knew I was going to have to use Strawberries in there somewhere.  The other thing that goes perfectly with summer in Oregon is local produce and grilling. With that in mind I created a grilled vegetable salad and a strawberry chips sundae for dinner one evening when we actually had a break of nice weather.
mission organics

I started the evening with grilled peppers, onions, asparagus, and sausage on a bed of salad topped with cheese, salsa , and yellow peppers and trimmed with Mission Organic Blue Corn chips. The perfect combination of warm, cool, soft, and crunchy.
mission organics
We followed that with 2 choices for dessert.... Strawberry / rasberry sundaes with blue corn chip trimming or
mission organics
Coffee ice cream with cinnamon sugar and corn chips .
This was the perfect combination of crunchy and healthy along with a not so healthy moderate ice cream treat. The sweet flavor of the blue corn added to the mix in a perfect blend. Even the boys who weren't sure about chips and ice cream loved it.  I love the Organics side of the mix as I was able to get most of the salad and veggies from local markets or the organic section of our local Safeway store.  As the summer rolls on we will be able to enjoy garden fresh veggies and more fruits and will be watching for more of the Mission Organics to go along with our salads and treats.
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Mission Organics

Thank you to Mission for sending us the bags of chips to create these treats in exchange for our recipes and opinion. No monetary compensation was received.

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