Thursday, July 26, 2012

Concours d Elegance 2012 weekend in review

I remember the first time Mike took me to a Concours event, we had been dating for a year or so and his sister was catering the event dinner and needed some extra help, so we worked that evening knowing we would be getting up the next morning to attend  the show. At the time I had no real idea how much energy it would take to attend the weekend. Well over the years I have been to quite a few of the shows including 2002 when I was very pregnant with our first son and it was almost 100’ in the shade and then 2005 when I was again very pregnant with son#2 and it was crazy muggy.  In 2003 Mike began driving his truck as the “trouble truck” for the Vineyard and Lake car tour. He has driven all the tours and I ride along (on most of them). This year we did the Tour along with over 50 vintage cars including one of the cars Mike had in his shop 2years ago.
We visited Elk Cove Winery outside of Gaston Oregon and tasted a lovely Riesling from the vineyard while enjoying a nice variety of appetizers. After the nice tasting and light lunch we toured down to Haag Lake.  While many of the car owners road in the wooden boats  around the lake, Mike set up a vintage music collection on his sound system just outside the car trailer , and I took a nap in the back of the truck. After my nap, we followed the tour to Oregon’s Sakary just outside Forest Grove for tasting and the end of the tour celebration.  Thankfully Mike did not have to rescue anyone during the tour and we were able to join his family for dinner and prep for the next day’s activities.DSCN3703
This year’s Concours weekend was also my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary so we were really pushing to get it all done.  I couldn’t help set up the tables and chairs since my shoulder strength hasn’t fully returned so I joined my sister-in-law to prep food. Note to self (sometimes it is easier to hire a caterer)
Mike and I had made arrangements to leave the boys at my parents’ house overnight so we returned home to a quiet but very warm house. 
The next morning we decided to go to church and lunch before heading over to the show with a plan to pick up the boys on the way to the Anniversary party.  We enjoyed the show, especially since one of my favorite cars was in attendance.
This 1935 Cadillac is one of my favorite Cadillacs. The lines, the reflections in the paint, and the original interior.  Pat and Pat Brothers are good friends and run an auction company Pat n’ Pat where they put together amazing fundraising auctions all over. They also race in the Great Race to raise money for Autism research. They are just great people and fun to be around. They also received 2 awards this year with this car. They received a 1st in class as well as the Larry DeRoux award.
Mike and I enjoyed watching the awards ceremony which we don’t normally do. This year it was extra special because Mike knew one of the guys running sound for the event,so he sat and visited with him while we watched the awards ceremony (waiting to see the 1935 Cadillac go across the stage).
After the show we headed to pick up the boys and get to the Anniversary party.
The cake table included their wedding album along with a simply elegant cake from Perfection Bakery and my Mother-in-laws wedding veil.
I had my first large scale experience with setting up cheese trays and adding touches to cheeses. We rolled goat cheese in course black pepper  and another goat cheese in raisins. Both added an elegance to something as simple as Goat Cheese.
I know there are very few family pictures of my husband’s family  so we didn’t miss an opportunity like this.

The weekend was a success although tired we had a great weekend.
eShakti dress
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  1. How was the celebration? Well, based on their happy smiles, I think everyone enjoyed the party! Anyway, that 1935 Caddy is a real beauty! I always have this penchant for vintage cars. Their appeal is timeless. And it looks more and more beautiful as time goes by.

  2. Did you enjoy the car tour, Cariann? Well, the pictures show how awesome those classics were! I really love to participate in events like this because these are the great moments where I can see a lot of vintage cars together at one place. It’s really wonderful. Oldies but goodies! :))