Monday, March 7, 2011

Blog Followers #2

I am participating in another blog follower swap on Swap-bot. This time around I will be visiting 20 blogs. I will list them below so unvlmom spot followers can also check them out.

Memtree  introduced me to the fun world of masking tape. (who knew???)
Justingrid  Shows off her wonderful fashion designs
Amy528 A collection of Book reviews with lots of kids books

provadia A fun site with a focus on Blythe dolls (they do look like fun)

phoerauf  a mom's look at the world... She is participating in a photo project that looks like a ton of fun.
madaboutpink a fun blog full of ideas and tutorials (I already follower her blog but it is still a fun stop)
leecytx a fun inspiring site with crafty ideas. (thanks for the podcast reminder!)
Loolie: a  glimpse into her life. She shared a wonderful banana cookie recipe I will have to try
Ichigorshartcake  All things pink and pretty. 
Scamp A drawing a day.. a wonderful blog of  drawings.
Flutterflies22 A scrappers blog full of layouts and scrapbook projects (might get me back to scrapping)
tanchyka a blog full of super yummy looking cakes and treats.  (Some day I'll get to have sweet treats again.)
hxkendra a blog containing a little of everything.
tamtamlee a very full blog I have been following for a while.
Blackbird4  Patricia create beautiful art dolls (I am amazed at these dolls) as well as other art.
Doreen247 I was drawn to one post on Doreen's blog... a post about 2 quilts she had made as gifts... They are beautiful.
The Artist Chick a new blog I can't wait to see how it grows... Welcome to the blogging community.
Pink Stitches I'm always happy to find SAHMs of boys...  she has a great collection of dewing crafts and links to her shop... Stop by and say hi...
The Altered Page/ The Bling Theory an inspiring blog! I love when I find Christian creative blogs.. It is a blessing to follow her blog.
Chinnu Art, ATCs, challenges, a little of everything and a lot of creativity.

I hope you will stop by some of my swap partners' blogs and enjoy their contributions to the blogging community.

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  1. thanks :) it was lovely to visit your site. you've got some nice papercraft!

    btw, i'm now following your blog now too :)

    - memtree ( from swap-bot

  2. Hi! I'm already a follower from the last swap :) (Pink Stitches from swapbot) I check your blog everyday! :)

  3. Those journal pages are super cute, you're very talented. :)

    It's Scamp from Swapbot here, following you through the Blog Followers #2 swap.

  4. I love your blogs. I'm already a follower and follower your blog everyday.

    tamtamlee from blog follower #2 swap--swap bot

  5. That's so awesome you gave your fellow swappers shout outs! (AsAlwaysAngela on SB).

  6. Nice to see you again... I'm already following your blog and it's great. so I'm just here to say hi! I'm always here!

  7. Awwh thanks!!!!! Im already following you hahahaha!!! Ichigoshortcake! I love your blog anyways hehehe!!! xxxxx

  8. In the process of posting a similar post on my blog featuring you! Great to see so many crafty fun blogs out there.

    -Deidreart on swap-bot
    (More followers for my craft blog swap)

  9. Our paths cross once again. I will sign up as a follower. For some reason I thought I already was.

    JustIngrid Swapbot

  10. thanks for the promo!! leecytx from swap-bot

  11. Thanks for mentioning my blog. I love this swap!

    Swap-Bot Phoerauf