Thursday, March 3, 2011

Friendship Books

As promised here are 5 of the recent friendship books I've made. The two in the front are made using home decorator fabric from a sample book I got off Craigslist. I made 3 others but they are packaged to send overseas on their journey.
I am going to make a set of rainbow colors (5 of the colors anyway) for another swap-bot swap.  FBs as they are called are small books with a few pages that people send in the mail, sign with their information and send on to another swapper. These are a new creative outlet for me.  Tonight I will be making LBs (Label Bags). Basically the same idea as FBs but you send address labels in the "bag" rather than signing a book. Either way I hope this new adventure will be fun and creative.  Between these and the art journal/ journalling swaps I should get my creative fix and "meet" some new people in the process.
**Art Journal pages to come.


  1. They look cute! I'm anxious to try some of these FBs but I still can't quite fully grasp how they work!

  2. Wow I learned a lot today from your blog. I didn't know what FBs were either!
    leecytx from swap-bot

  3. Gorgeous FBs! They are adorable! I'm also wanting to get into the world of FBs, so maybe someday once I make some, we can swap! :)

    I'm now following your blog, found out about you from the SB "Blog Followers #2" swap! I'm happy to have found your site! :) I'm also going to be posting a link back to your blog on my page!

    Thanks so much!

    "loolie" on SB