Friday, March 11, 2011

Journal Prompts swap

I sent a package to a swap bot partner full of  journal prompts I had saved in a Open Office document.  I printed the prompts on colored scrapbook paper and cut them into strips. I used a different font on each page for variety.
There are so many wonderful websites full on journal prompts as well as books. As a writer in training (constant training) I love the prompts, I actually refer to several writing prompt blogs when I need a quick bit of inspiration.

I think I am going to decorate/ repurpose an oatmeal box as a journal jar... I can print up a set of my own prompts and place them in the "jar" for offline inspiration.. I think we sometimes depend on the internet and our technology too much...  (that is another blog all together).

Speaking of blogs I need to finish viisiting the rest of my wonderful partners from the swap-bot blog followers swap I am in ... I will add them to the list later this weekend for everyone to share.
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  1. I did a journal prompt swap once & my journal turned out so well I didn't want to send it out!

    Swap-Bot Phoerauf

  2. Caiann what are prompts?[excuse my ignorance!!!

  3. @Patricia, prompts are just little bits to inspire your writing. Google search journal prompts and you will be amazed at what you find.
    @Mimi, I'm working on a journal now and I almost want to make 2 just so I can keep one... I think I will keep the prompts/ copy of the bits I'm using for later though, it is a multiple personality journal (30 different characters...)