Thursday, March 3, 2011

Clutter Rehab Toys and...

Today Mike had a car to deliver to a customer so he took Nathan with him and left Cameron with Mommy.. We went to work on the Living Room, cleaning up and purging toys we have grown out of ; namely the Duplo Blocks/ Mega Blocks. They are happily in a Rubber-maid Storage Tote in preparation of listing on Craigslist or something similar.

I also moved their Lego Blocks into a Steralite 3 drawer container and set it next to the couch just out of the line of site of the room, but still accessible.  The top makes a great building surface for just one child... Cameron tried it out and decided it was a good height to stand up and build..


Next I decided to move an empty game table drawer set out of the room. It was holding up a speaker for the television so I needed a replacement for that job. The speaker's mate is setting on the sub-woofer (all black) so I re-purposed the Duplo bin covering it in black fabric to match the sub and the speakers now match. (no cost involved and stores the bin for later use...) I will most likely move it our the chair slightly as it should be centered in the space, but I'm pretty happy with it..   The next step is to either get an antenna or fix the homemade one that is laying on the floor (hence the black cables hanging out of the front of the shelf.)

Back to organizing, I'm going to sort some of the ATC and Art Journal supplies into the game table drawers to clean up the front entry but still be able to create with the boys in the space. I pulled some fun pages from magazines today in the clean up / recycling efforts so I have lots of pieces to use for ATCs and Art Journal pages.  I will post the Art Journal pages for swap-bot later tonight.

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  1. The never ending job of decluttering and organizing of a Mom and crafter. Wishing you scads of luck on the venture.

    JustIngrid swapbot