Sunday, July 10, 2011

Coupons and Customer Service

Since my husband was on a business trip I decided to try Winco for my grocery shopping for the week.  I had my coupon binder and my list. I had a plan to spend less than $50. I also had my coupons for an upcoming review of Gorton's Fish products. We had a couple bags of cans and bottles to return for deposits as well.
Cameron and I started off my doing our cans and bottles in the machines, netting us $8.65, thanks to my Mom and a couple of her wonderful customers that save their cans and bottles for me (they don't return them they usually just throw them out.)
We had our list and our coupons and were a little disappointed in the fact that many of the items on our list and in our coupon binder were not available. We did find the Gorton's products so that review will be forthcoming this week.  We also found that the sizes listed on the coupons weren't always available. It wasn't that the shelves were empty it was simply they didn't carry the product or size.   We gathered our groceries and headed to check out... The lines were crazy long and it wasn't until someone complained rather loudly that additional checkers were called. 2 additional lanes were opened to help with the longer lines and many customers.
The checker we had seemed nice enough , but as soon as I handed her my coupons ( about 20 by the way) her attitude changed dramatically. She began to question every coupon I was using. I had to repeatedly remove items Cameron had bagged for us. (we used our 4 recycled grocery bags).  I had to show her the product and then read her the matching information on the coupon.  When we got to the Gorton's coupons I received to purchase the review product she went into lock up.. She had to call a manager to approve the coupon; it was pretty plain to everyone the coupon said Free (not with a purchase)..
I am reminded you get what you pay for and sometimes a little higher shelf price for something and the ability to use your coupons without being questioned is really worth it. It is also hard to bag your own groceries , sort your coupons, and watch the checker to make sure they don't screw something up.
I use to shop at Winco all the time and always had positive experiences until recently.  I'm really not sure if I will go back anytime soon as this was a real pain and even with the savings, wasted alot of my time this weekend.

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