Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ready, set, #coupon

Someone asked me how I coupon, so I decided to share it here.

I start by sorting out the coupons that are close to expiring and the coupons for things we need this week.   I try to make notes of sales so I know where I'm going to get the best deal.  I don't usually go to more than 2 stores in a day especially if I have husband and kids with me.

Next , I write a list of my coupons I am taking with me. This helps me see what I have and the value.  This week I have the list for 2 stores, walmart and Winco.  I alsp have a second pile and list for a trip to the Walmart Super Center in another town, we are heading over there Tuesday for a movie activity. Anyway, I know the polocies of each store I am going to as well, if needed I print a copy from their website and take it.

This system works for me,  I don't do crazy stock ups as I don't have the exrra money to do it, unless it is a money maker deal and the stores are getting really picky about those.

I hope this has helped someone on their money saving coupon journey.

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