Friday, November 18, 2011

The Suburbs

Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis
One of the reasons I finally agreed to move to the suburbs is the safety aspect. When we lived further into town, I was always a little concerned for my safety. While my city isn’t one of the worst as far as crime rate is concerned, it definitely has its share of petty crime. Now that we’re in the suburbs, I mostly rest easy. However, the suburbs are not immune from crime of any sort. This is why we have www.homeSECURITYfamily.COM. We know that our home is being watched all the time and that if there does happen to be a burglary, we’ll be notified. The knowledge that there will be a physical alarm if a door or window is open allows me to relax while I’m at home, and knowing that there is a break-in while we’re away we’ll be notified ensures I can breathe a sigh of relief while traveling or at work. We are definitely cutting back these days, as many people are, but we’re not going to be cutting our alarm service. It’s definitely worth the price—which, incidentally, is very affordable. It’s the equivalent of one dinner out per month!

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