Friday, February 17, 2012

Getting ready to stay well during this season

Are you ready to stay well during the cold and flu season?

What kind of things do you do to stay healthy during this season? I would love to hear from you.
I'll share what we do around here.
First keep vitamin C in our diets. One awesome way of doing that is 100% pure Florida Orange Juice. While my boys like juice drinks most have are watered down with other things and during this time of year I try and keep it 100% juice.  I have homemade juice in the pantry but Oregon isn't a good place for growing oranges so I make sure to find 100% Orange juice for the winter months to keep them pumped full of vitamin C.
Another great idea is to check your multi-vitamin? Are you getting all the good stuff?
This year we have been blessed by a mild winter and have lots of opportunities to soak up the sun and get some extra doses of vitamin D.
Remembering to drink enough water is another way to help. The cooler air tends to dry us out when we don't expect it.
I also keep Emergen-C in the cupboard along with a couple boxes of teas that include immune boosters.
Finally eating well helps keep a healthy body healthy. I love making soups and stews during the winter filled with extra veggies as I know we tend to not eat enough fruits and vegetables during the winter.  Yesterday was a perfect example. I made a pot of meatball minestrone soup and added extra carrots, celery, and even some sun dried tomatoes I had saved from the fall.
I try to keep on hand a "kit" of things for the seasonal colds. This includes things like teas, throat lozenges, soups, and the occasional Over the counter pain reliever.
Did you know Safeway is helping support us with a special promotion, "Be Well, Save Well" . Stop by your local Safeway Pharmacy and ask about the program. They should have a special flyer that is packed full of coupons and helpful recipes and ideas to support you during the cold and flu season.
One last way to help stay healthy during this season. Wiping down surfaces can help stop the germs from spreading.
On your next trip to the grocery store , make sure you have your own Cold and Flu Season Kit fully stocked and ready.
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