Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meet the Moms Twooth Timer

This week Meet the Moms of Mompact responsible for creating Twooth Timer and Buzzy Cards.

Let me tell you about The Twooth Timer. This fun and functional product makes brushing a breeze. Just set the timer to 2 minutes by turning the top of the tooth and let them brush the time away.  It really is that simple.  My boys love the Twooth Timer in their bathroom, not only is it a fun way for them to brush, but I can give them a 2 minute shower warning and set the timer.
twooth® timerHave you really thought about how long 2 minutes is? My boys thought it was a lot shorter, until we played a little game with our youth group (all 3rd/ 4th graders). I set the timer and told them they had to stand still and not say anything for 2 minutes. It was funny to watch them only last for about 30 seconds, when we were done I then talked to them about the fact they should be brushing their teeth for 2 minutes and they were surprised that it was that long.  I gave each of the kids a small bag with dental hygiene products in it and had them tell their moms about how long 2 minutes really is.
Thankfully we have the Twooth Timer for my boys. It has made brushing a fun game for them. Now instead of rushing through the process, they see who can brush the longest and actually make it to the end of the 2 minutes. Thanks to the Twooth Timer brushing time is fun time.
Head over to Twooth Timer's webpage and download some fun coloring pages

You can enter the Meet the Moms giveaway through Mom Pact below for your chance to win a Twooth Timer, a Twooth Pocket Pal , and a set of BeeStraction Distraction Cards.  Also check out my review of the BeeStraction cards here

**This review is based on my personal experiences and the product was part of my kit as a MomPact Consultant***

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