Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cleaning up, on the blog that is

Over the last few months I have wanted to clean things up on the blog a bit, so this weekend I did.
I switched to just 1 sidebar and the footer (still tweaking on that a little). I love my header and blog button and decided to keep a variation on the header the Danielle did last year for me. I added the tabs back to the page top rather than the header and made the blog post space a little larger, I wanted to show off the food pictures so needed a larger post space.
I am working on adding a few new pages over the coming weeks to help sort the posts a bit for everyone. I am thinking of a tab for reviews, scripture, PR/ media kit, about us, recipes, and frugal living. The idea that my readers all come from different seasons in their lives and I want you to be feel like you can find what you are looking for quick and easy.

Hope you have a great week

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