Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mom Fashion , the little black dress

As promised this will be a regular posting. Mom Fashion is something I've been thinking about for a while. If I spend just a little more time on what I am wearing and my outward appearance I feel more prepared for the day. Even something as simple as doing my hair a little different can really make my attitude, who knew???

For my extended family Christmas I decided to wear my new little black dress. Now keep in mind, I'm not little figured woman. This Mom is an average height 5' 6" and a plus size figure, while I'm not proud of it, it is what it is.
This dress was part of our clearance store closing adventure earlier this month.
I really like the length and the details around the neckline.
I added a simple silver and black necklace and used a silver bar clip to pull my hair up after I curled it with hot rollers.

I ended up with a lipstick that was pinker than I wanted but I don't think it looked too bad. I did a simple neutral color (brown shades) on my eyes and didn't bother with any foundation.

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