Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mom Fashion, something new

I've posted a couple of fashion things within my blog but I have decided to share more often and call it Mom Fashion.
What inspired this?
My husband took me shopping at Fashion Bug the other day as they are going out of business and he thought it would be a nice trip.
I managed to find a sparkly shirt and 2 dresses. I normally wear long dresses on the conservative side, but both dresses are short (just below my knees) and not as conservative.

We attended a Christmas Caroling dinner party Sunday evening with church friends and I decided to dress it up a bit.
So here I am.
I love the fun color pattern and the beaded neckline. I added a fun necklace and basic black heels to the outfit and wore my hair down. 

I was happy with the fit of the dress as it covers up some areas that need a lot of work, but there it is in all honesty. I'm just being real.