Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Garlic flowers?

What in the world do you use garlic flowers for?
That was my first thought 3 years ago.
My mom grows garlic for the local Garlic Festival and gets these pretty flowers on the Elephant Garlic.  So, what to do with them?

Decorations and flower arrangements are a simple use.

The whole flower can be put in soups or stews.

Finally, the flower is an oily base and can be rubbed on meats or run through a mortar and pestal bowl to create a natural oil for cooking and as a first aid treatment.

With other garlic plants the flower is actually full of seeds that can be planted or used as miniature garlic but remember most of the garlic seeds are actually more intense and have a much stronger odor and flavor.
  Elephant garlic seeds are actually just has useful but are found under the garlic bulbs when you harvest the elephant garlic...

Who knew there were so many uses for garlic.

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