Monday, August 8, 2011

Review: The Keepers by Monique O’Conner James

 Thanks for stopping by the Blog Book Tour for “The Keepers” by Monique O’Conner James. 

When I received this book for review I wasn’t sure what to think of it… I love reading Christian themed fiction and although this doesn’t fit into what I normal would call Christian Themed fiction I decided to go for it and be a little more adventurous.  It didn’t take more than 4 pages and I was hooked.  The mystery of the story combined with the angelic themes adds a readable quality to the story. The chapters were all a good length, I could easily read a chapter and not seem overwhelmed. Being a Mom I don’t’ always have time to sit and read intense books containing long chapters , this book while intense didn’t have super long chapters. I really enjoyed this genre.

The story, Jess, a young woman searching for solice after the loss of her mother finds refuge in New Orleans and meets Vi who introduces her to Justin an earth bound Angel, although Jess doesn’t find out right away that Justin and his brothers are really Angels.  The character dynamics add richness to the story. As I read the story I really felt the characters’ emotions, these weren’t shallow faceless characters. Even the protagonist Damon is a full character with all the complexities of any deep seated character.
Overall this book works every angle of the story and even manages to tackle point of views but still maintains the overall omniscient point of view.  The story moved in such a way that I was hooked from the very beginning and really didn’t want to put it down, I managed to sneak in some extra reading time to finish the story.  I have it saved on my Nook to read again when I can read it more slowly and really enjoy it. Yes, I read a good book more than once. It is one of those crazy things, if I liked it once I can usually read it again and get something new out of it.  Often I will read a book for reviewing and enjoy it but not really be moved to read it again, this book was definitely one to read again. 

I received an electronic copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received and the opinions of this book are my own. This review containts affilliated links were I may receive compensation for sales.

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