Sunday, October 30, 2011

Crystal Deodorant: Have you tried it? #cbias

This past week I tried Crystal Deodorant, an all natural roll on.  
First thing I have to tell you I was unsure of the whole idea because I wear my deodorant instead of perfume and actually have matching body spray to go with all my deodorants, so I knew it would be a challenge.  I have been harvesting and canning  all kinds of produce over the last month and this past week was no exception, not only that I had something going on basically everyday last week; local Storytime, Mom meetings, youth group, homeschool co-op,  grape harvest, and homeschooling the boys in there too. 
Needless to say it was a crazy week and changing my deodorant for a week put added pressure on, a girl doesn't want to smell during any of the above activities. 
The first day I felt very self conscience about it, but as the week went on I was fine with it and actually was very surprised by how well it actually worked.  I didn't feel sweaty and better yet I didn't smell weird.
So the next thing to consider , the price. Without a coupon my regular antiperspirant is about $3.99 at Walmart. The Crystal Deodorant was $3.83 at Walmart and I am happy to say my little basic Walmart (Not a SuperCenter) carries it, BONUS.
I'm not sure if there are coupons available for this product but considering the benefits of an all natural product and the fact that it actually works well I would be ok buying it again even without a coupon. 

***This post is part of a social insight study with Collective Bias #cbias and was compensated as such, however all opinions and experiences are my own. ***

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