Sunday, October 2, 2011

M&M's Candy Corn Pumpkin Cake Recipe

Fall is in the air and that means time to bake.
I love this time and year with all the baking and harvesting.
I also love trying new combinations to create yummy treats for the boys. This week I made pumpkin cake topped with caramel and white chocolate, but it wasn't just any white chocolate. Meet M&M's newest seasonal specialty, M&M's Candy Corn White Chocolate candies. These fun candies are available exclusively at Walmart . I picked up 4 bags on a trip to one of our local Walmart stores so I would have enough to do some fun fall treats.  Check out your local Walmart Halloween selection to try these and other M&M's candy.

Pumpkin Cake with Caramel and M&M's Candy Corn
1 yellow cake mix
1 egg
2 cups pumpkin pureed (I used home canned but you could also use a can of pumpkin from the store, if you use store bought omit the egg from the recipe)
1 jar Hersey's Caramel Sauce
2 bags M&M's  Candy Corn White Chocolate Candies 

before you start and just for less mess, I dumped the M&M's candies into a bowl and pulled out the yellow ones.

Place white M&M's in a bowl and cover with water to melt the candy coating off. Set aside to soak while you make the cake.

In mixing bowl combine Cake mix, 1 egg , and 2 cups of pumpkin. Mix on medium speed until everything combines.
Pour cake mixture into prepared 9x9 cake pan. (My pan is a newer non-stick so I didn't add anything but if you need to I would use a little spray so the cake comes out easier)

Bake at 350' until done (I check with a knife, when it the knife comes out clean then it is done)

Let the cake cool.

For this time I decide to make individual cakes so I cut the cake into 4 squares and set them on plates to finish cooling.

Once the cake is cool, cut each piece into a circle. (Let the kids have the cut off scraps to keep them happy)

While the cake cools, drain off the water from the M&M's that were soaking. Place candies in the top of a double boilers that is about 1/2 full of water. Heat on medium to medium/ low stirring occasionally to keep the melting even.  I recommend using about 1 cup of M&M's Candy for melting. This part of the project is a test of patience.
Once the candies are nicely melted  prepare a piece of parchment paper and gently form a circle to match the size of your cake. 
I used a jar lid placed under my parchment as a guide for the white chocolate.  Remember the candy is hot so please be careful.  The candy cools quickly so you have to work fast. I wanted to make sure it was close to the same size but it doesn't have to be perfect. If you are making a larger cake you may end up using more like 2 cups of M&M's melted down. 

With a small spoon gently cover the top of the cake with the caramel sauce, this is a nice glue to make sure the white chocolate stays in place. 
It doesn't have to be perfect and if it happens to drip a little on the edges that is O.K.

Gently place the white chocolate piece on top of the cake.  Let it cool and set up for a little while.

While those are setting up , take 1 cup of Orange colored M&M's Candy Corn candies and pulse chop them in a food processor.  You will end up with  cream and orange colored sprinkles. I used my Kitchen Aide mini chopper and pressed the pulse button about 4 times. I didn't hold it down as I was afraid it would start to blend the candy rather than chop it..

Using a small pastry brush, lightly brush the top of the white chocolate covered cake with water , just enough to make it sticky.  Sprinkle the chopped candy of the top of your cakes, allowing some of it to fall onto the plate for extra decoration.

Share with friends or family and enjoy this harvest season semi-homemade treat.

This recipe has been kid tested and approved!

    This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #cBias , the Shop has been compensated but the recipe and opinions are mine alone.

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