Monday, October 10, 2011

#Healthy Eating and #Coupons, do the 2 go together?

I am planning a couponing class at my local church and a question keeps coming up about healthy eating and coupons.
 "Can I coupon with a healthy life style?"
"I can't coupon because I'm vegetarian, can I?"
" I never find the coupons that will help me"

While I'm not a totally die hard healthy eater, I still coupon.

Can you maintain a healthy lifestyle and still benefit from couponing?  In one word, YES.

If you are on Facebook, follow your favorite natural food company for coupons.  Also your favorite chain restaurant may have online deals.
Also check with your local health food store. I know Parkway Foods a local healthy food store in McMinnville has a coupon in the Shop Local publication each time.

Follow some of the large coupon blogs for links to online deals as well as lists and match ups. I have found recently Almond milk, pineapple juice, Welches grape juice, and Silk brand coupons in the weekly slicks.

What are my favorite brands for coupons and healthy lifestyle?
Kashi is a huge one lately. Also Activia and Yoplait Greek yogurt seem to have regular coupons.

One thing to keep in mind, just because you don't have a coupon for the healthy foods you love doesn't mean you can't coupon.  I am able to save on other purchases allowing me to spend a little more on the healthy foods. Coupons are great for  laundry and dish soaps, paper products, feminine products, shampoo and conditioners, and even office supplies. Those savings still help the family budget which does two things for the overall health of the family: first makes sure I am getting the best deals all around and helps lower the stress level as we plan the family budget.

Something else to consider, you can save money by buying local and in season. No only does that add to the healthy eating, but you can get to know the farmers if you are at a local farmers' market or look into a CSA (where you purchase a plan and get farm fresh produce through out the season). Both are ways to introduce healthy foods to your family and save money by cutting a lot of the transportation costs from the overall price of your food.

One last thing, not necessarily a couponing but a good deal to consider, warehouse sales and clubs. I know Costco has started carrying a lot of healthy options. I recommend shopping with a notebook and calculator. Know your price per item if buying in large quantities.

A Healthy lifestyle can include coupons.

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