Thursday, March 8, 2012

Couponing and giving it all for kids #AllYouCFK #cbias

I am one of Millions
I have written before about couponing, but this time we are putting a twist on it. Couponing for a cause, better yet, couponing for the kids with Champions for kids and allyou magazine.  
I couponing to make ends meet and I know many families struggle to even do that. When the boys and I head about the allyou  Couponing for Good we knew we would love to help. I love to show people how to save money on their groceries and paper goods and I love helping the Champions for Kids program.
We have received help from our local food pantries before and now that I am blogging and receiving an income from that , it is my turn to give back. 
So many families in our local communities are struggling to make ends meet and put a balanced meal on the table for their kids. Each week the boys and I still receive some help from the local food pantry through their bread bank, where families can come in and pick up a loaf of bread and a treat (muffins, cookies, etc). This program is a huge help to my family and many families in the community. Bread is a staple no matter what you are fixing. 
So many times I think people forget about the local food pantries after the holidays, but the need is still there and even greater now that the holidays are passed. 
Couponing for a cause is a great way to help your local community. There are 2 simple ways to help, first you can do what we did, select a stack of coupons and shop for your local charity, or decide that you are going to donate your savings. Donate the money you save couponing to your local charity. For instance, when I went shopping this last time I saved $23.80 using the coupons I had. I could donate the cash to the local charity or shop for them using my coupons. 
Something else to consider, reusable shopping bags. I donated 2 bags of groceries and included the bags so the charity can reuse them or send a package to a family in the bag.  I know of a local food pantry here in town that has each family bring back their bag each month to refill. It saves costs for the food pantry, allowing them to buy more food and not worry about boxes. 
See our full journey including the carious coupons we used in our Google+ Album

Every little bit helps and together we can be Champions for kids.
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