Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Couponing for Good , the kids need our Help, a Simple Service Project #AllforCFK

Families across the country are struggling to make ends meet and for some it is especially hard. Not everyone qualifies for government assistance for whatever reason. I know from personal experience that it is hard to ask for help when it comes to feeding your kids. I coupon to make ends meet and I have asked for help myself before  and it is hard, but I was blessed not only with the food but with the love and compassion that comes with that box of food. I have also been blessed with the love and understanding while standing in line with other parents. I have met several very dear friends while standing in line to get that little bit of help. 
It was that compassion that led me to join with All You and Collective Bias in their partnership with Champions for Kids to help give back to 1 local food pantry that has helped me in the past.  
Lafayette Community Church Food Bank is a ministry of Lafayette Community Church and offers food boxes on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month as well as a bread bank that is open Mondays and Saturdays where the local community can receive assistance making ends meet. 

The boys and I had our shopping done on a Thursday afternoon and had planned on delivering the loaded grocery bags the following Saturday. Well, that Friday morning I fell and dislocated my shoulder so had to put our delivery on hold. 
Thankfully my husband needed to run an errand to the local parts house which happens to be a block away from the Food Bank. Since that was on a Monday and things have been a little tight lately I decided to take advantage of the Bread bank and deliver the groceries for the Food Bank.  It wasn't nearly as much as I had hoped but I know the 2 bags and the toilet paper will go a long way to helping fill the Food Banks shelves. 
The local Food Banks can always use our help to feed local families. This year seems to be a hard one for many families with the price of gas on the rise, the cost of everything has increased. 
Please remember your local food Bank when you are out shopping, it doesn't take lot especially if you see a coupon deal that makes something a great deal or even free, pick up a couple extra and help stock those shelves for those families that are struggling to make ends meet. 
See our full journey including the various coupons we used in our Google+ Album  
Another idea I was inspired by as I shopped, if you have a coupon that you aren't going to use, leave it on the shelf next to the coordinating product for the next person, you never know it may be that small gesture that helps make ends meet for someone. 
A simple service project can really be that simple. 

Coupons can help make ends meet as they do for me  or they can help you share with those that need a little help up and help stock the shelves of your local food pantry. 
Every little bit helps and together we can be Champions for kids.
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