Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Graduation Season is here, find a Spirit filled card with Dayspring Cards

Tis the season for so many cards. I needed a few Graduations cards for some very special young ladies graduating from high school, so I headed out for a drive across town to Beaverton to find the perfect cards with just the right message.  Before you say it,  yes I could have settled for a card from the local Hallmark or Walmart or even one of several different gift shops, but since 2 of the cards are going to young ladies from our homeschool co-op I decided a trip to Lifeway was totally appropriate.

Cameron decided he wanted to tag along and have a Mommy/Cameron afternoon.  We headed out and spent the 40 minutes drive talking about life, the end of his Adventurers class, the new school year. and anything else he thought about. As we drove through the back roads I told him where we were going and what our mission was.  He wasn’t totally sure about the mission but he liked the idea of checking out the videos and music.

I love shopping for cards but one thing I hate is the price. DSCN2932 I was very grateful to find the prices were reasonable and affordable .

I also look for a quality message, yes humor is ok but lately the humor in most cards is offensive, so I was glad to find some fun cards but also excellent scriptures worked into the cards.

The shelves were stocked and organized making it easy to find the perfect cards at the right prices.

We also checked out other parts of the store including the music, the VBS supplies, and learning DSCN2927aids for the boys’ school activities.   Cameron wanted a set of tabs  for his Bible,  we  found this fun  set.  I am all for tools to inspire kids  open their Bibles and this is one more way I hope he will be inspired .



Now since I don’t go clear to Beaverton often I am also excited to find both DaySpring and Lifeway have amazing websites to shop and check out their amazing products.  Online or instore Lifeway is one great way to shop for  Spirit filled products.


On our way home we noticed the temps were higher than usual for us topping 93 degrees.  We continued our chatting but decided to stop for a snack.  We took full advantage of our location by stopping of at a old favorite , Back of the Rack a children’s resale shop we love. Finally ending up for a playdate with the cousins. What a fun Spirit filled day I got to spend with my first born finding the perfect cards for some amazing young ladies.
Dayspring cards

Feel Free to check out the rest of our journey in the above Album.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias

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