Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Helping Mom help the kids learn responsibility

chore cards
Moms need help not just from other Moms willing to share information but from the kids to get things done around the house and believe me this Mom is no exception.
I am always looking for way to get the boys involved in the housework because in all honesty I kind of suck at housework, so I was intrigued by the "Hands Around the House" by 3R Cards
The pictures on each of the cards are colorful and very eye catching for children. I liked the colored pencil effect of the cards. We were able to sort the cards out and select the cards that were important tasks for the boys. As we continue to put this program into place I am thinking of either magnets on the back or a hole punch in the corner for a binder ring since the cards are everyday activities for the boys to do. 
***added: the boys decided this wasn't working for them, however we have a friend that liked the look of the program so we are going to pass it on to another family while we continue on our quest to find a good fit for us***
If you or your children need the rewards factor to add to the program, this set even has rewards cards allowing the child to select their own reward for jobs completed and a calendar page to track tasks.  Hands Around the House helps Moms and Dads help the kids get involved with the everyday chores and things they need to be responsible for. 

I love the idea of the 3Rs: Respect, Responsibility, and Reward. However, we don't use rewards for housework, so I saved those cards aside for large projects that we will be doing where the kids will be involved and expected to do their part.  There is a lot of flexibility with this card set so Moms with small kids can find appropriate cards for them while still having cards that are appropriate for older kids, and the flexibility doesn't end there. The website is stocked full of tips and suggestions to help use the set.  

Hands Around the House" by 3R Cards can be found not only on their website , but also on Facebook. You can also download extra Calendar pages HERE.

I love this bit of background on the product from the Mom inventor
"This system was originally invented by my mother over 30 years ago.  Her system was a little simpler, and there were no rewards.  Her motto was "Do it"- the "just" was implied.  It did however teach me and my 3 siblings that we were all responsible for making the house run smoothly and when it did, we had more time to do the things we wanted."

You can purchase a complete set of  Hands Around the House" by 3R Cards on the website for $24.95 or you can enter to win a set along with a bundle of other products to help kids become more independent in the latest Meet the Moms Giveaway using the Raffflecopter form below.

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Disclosure: “I received this review opportunity as part of  All opinions are my own.”

**edited 6/13/2012 to added some additional thoughts on the product***

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