Friday, May 18, 2012

Snack Time and On the Go Meal help with QuickSplit

Even though we homeschool, we always seem to going somewhere or feel crunched for time. If we stay home I am preparing 3 full home cooked meals and a snack or two that day; and that adds up to a lot of time spent preparing, cooking, and plating food.  
I was so happy to hear about  The Quick Split a portable, mom invented, patented product made in the USA. I know that sounds like a sales pitch, but honestly that list of highlights caught my attention.
This   portable food cutting gadget  packs a punch for moms on the go or buried at home.
As soon as I received mine I put it to work making snack time a lot easier.  My boys love mini Quesadillas for snack so I agreed knowing I could make them a little easier to cut up with my new   
portable pizza cutter.  And before you ask, I have a regular pizza cutter from Papa Murphy's but it is bulky and not really sharp so if I use it I end up going over the tortillas a couple times to cut them and it still doesn't quite get the job done.

I love the compact size and the handle styling.
I couldn't believe it cut through the tortillas in one pass.
Sure made afternoon snack time faster which meant two little boys were happily going on with their day.

This is a patented gadget and is the first of its kind on the market! 
  The Quick Split on Facebook  and The Quick Split on Twitter  a great way to connect with this amazing little product online. 

  Retails for $15.00 and currently has free shipping if purchased from her website

This product is also part of the current Meet the Moms Giveaway over on the Mompact Facebook page.  Be sure to stop by for your chance to win an amazing bundle of products.

The giveaway ends Sunday the May 20, 2012 so hurry over to enter.

disclaimer: I received this review opportunity as part of  All opinions are my own

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