Saturday, June 16, 2012

Garden of blessings

fresh radish
Thursday afternoon my youngest came to the kitchen door holding a bundle of radishes. I asked him where they came from and he plainly said, the garden... They were volunteers from our compost pile last year...
Those radishes got me to thinking about the other greens in the garden.  So Friday afternoon I picked more greens from the garden (again, mostly volunteers) including several more radishes for the greens, red root, spinach (planted this year), basil (planted this year and hoping it does well), and mint from the pot on the patio. I added to that some Kale I picked up at the local Farmer's Market and made a light lunch of sauteed greens and quinoa in coconut milk. Was a nice light lunch, we even added some Peach/ Pineapple Salsa for a little added flavor.  
quinoa and coconut milk

Such a simple dish but a huge blessing from the garden. 

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