Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Smoothie Season helped by Awesome Deals at Safeway #JuneDairyMovies

Summer time means fresh fruit and vegetables, but it also means busy days that need fast breakfasts that are filling. How about some smoothies.
My family loves smoothies and I loving be able to make a variety of smoothies that help each person. I am also excited to be using the Safeway just for u personalized savings program to do my shopping. If you haven't signed up for personalized savings yet it is really easy, you can do it online or at your local Safeway or Safeway affiliate store and immediately start saving 10-20 % on average and more.
So with all those savings I love being able to pick up fun things to make smoothies with including Silk Coconut Milk, Silk Almond Milk, regular Milk, Fage Greek Yogurt,  Simply Orange juice, and sometimes even a not so healthy treat like Drumstick ice cream treats. I am still on the edge about making smoothies with greens but as the summer continues I may try it. 

So each morning when the boys want a smoothie I have options.  I love combining the Greek Yogurt , milk alternatives, and  fruit with a splash of orange juice to create a protein filled, low fat smoothie.

I love  creating a variety.
 How about Chocolate Almond milk,yogurt, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. This combination works best to make ahead and freeze or add ice, it is like a peanut butter cup ice cream shake.
My new favorite: Orange and Mango juice, Coconut Milk,Greek Yogurt, and homemade pineapple (it is actually zucchini canned in pineapple juice). Again ice helps but with this variety it is pretty thick.

Cameron enjoyed the "Pineapple smoothie as a morning breakfast during PBS morning shows. 
The next idea was to use the blender drink bottle and take it on the road. Worked out great. I can take my smoothie with me to run errands, head to the park, etc... I even put it in the freezer while we did some stuff around the house and then took it out as we left the house.

Ice Age Continental Drift Only In TheatersAnd the best part of this smoothie adventure, we scored a voucher for free movie tickets to see Ice Age Continental Drift when it hits theaters and the boys are crazy excited.  Here's the deal, purchase $40 in select Dairy products at Safeway or an affiliate store and received a Catalina voucher with a code to get your tickets during #JuneDairyMovies Month.

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