Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A savings program designed for you: just for u

Recently I joined13 other local bloggers for a day hosted by Safeway Regional office to introduce the new Safeway just for u program.









I carpooled with another local blogger Tina Kelley the Mad Hatter Mom, actually she drove ….


We were greeted with an amazing breakfast spread and got to meet the other bloggers as well as some of the Safeway executives, some who had been with Safeway for over 40 years. DSCN2943

We were introduced to the just for u savings program and to the local president Steve Frisby who talked about the program and the rollout of the program. Steve has been with Safeway for 41 years and was an amazing host.DSCN2949

I was privileged to hang out with an amazing group of bloggers.


We were treated to an amazing spread for breakfast and  lunch. By the way if you ever see Buffalo Chicken Salad in your Safeway deli you HAVE to sample it, needless to say it was amazing!DSCN2950

After lunch we were given a chance to put what we had learned about the program into practice at the Oregon City Safeway.


We rode over to the Safeway store in a tour bus which gave us a chance to visit some more with the staff and the other bloggers.

DSCN2967After a brief press conference including  local media, we began our shopping with the new program.

I have to say , the carts at this store where perfect for carrying my large “purse” which is actually a Thirty-One gifts All in One organizing tote, perfect for carrying my coupons, planner, netbook, phone, etc…


Since I  didn’t know we were going to be shopping, I was totally shopping on the fly; I did manage to save34% using personalized savings, clickable coupons, club card savings, and a couple of clearance finds in the meat section.  DSC_0055

I love the personalized deals, these deals are based on my shopping history and are offers the system knows I can use.  We also found out at least in our  region, we will continue to have  double coupons for paper coupons and those deals can be stacked with club card savings or personalized deals for even greater savings.

DSCN2972Since the event in May, I have been averaging 37-54% in savings every trip with one recent trip my savings were 67%. They say the average customer will save 10-20%, but will a little extra planning greater savings are possible,   especially with the Safeway app on my phone.  I highly recommend going to Safeway.com and setting your account up, better yet visit your local Safeway store and find the just for you station where an associate will help get you signed up and you can even print your savings list.



Thank you Safeway for hosting me and fellow bloggers and for blessing my family  with gift cards and Safeway branded goodies.

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