Monday, February 21, 2011

Don't take it personally, or Do???

I have become addicted to swap-bot, an online swapping community... Lately however I have been sick and trying to keep up on life and creating art is hard...  So, I put a message on my profile about being sick and that I was running a little behind on several of my swaps but was catching up... I also sent out messages to partners letting them know why their cards were late. For the most part people have been very kind.... So I'm wondering is constructive criticism really constructive in a public forum? Before rating with a lower rating wouldn't it make sense to contact the person and give them a chance to make it right before giving a lower rating? Since the cards being sent are things I've made shouldn't I take it personally?   When rating a person I tend to read profiles if the cards isn't as fancy as some before I rate a lower rating.. I look at the bigger picture, perhaps I'm wrong in doing that....
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  1. I'm with you, Cariann. Swapbot is supposed to be about fun and creativity. Everyone has a different level of ability and certainly different tastes. I rate based on the effort of the sender and communication if late. Some days people have to make something to send but nothing seems to work but you can always tell if an effort was made :) Happy creating and swapping!
    Julia (Juliajae on swapbot)