Friday, February 25, 2011

Friendship Books and Label Bags

I was searching swap-bot this morning to see what was new and came across friendship books and Label Bags... I was instantly intrigued... I search Swag-bucks and found a couple links... What an awesome idea and a great way to be creative and use up my stash.  I found a great site that you can print blank label bags, LetterSets has an assortment of fun print your own label bags as well as a great assortment of cards and such. I printed a the plain ones to start (I think I will add a little decoration to them).  I can see this becoming another swap-bot addiction but also a benefit for our homeschool... (the boys can search the map for where the FBs and LBs come from and are going to...)
Here is one of the swaps I signed up for.

I hope to post pictures of my art journal pages I've made for a couple swaps later tonight or at least this weekend.


  1. Hello! I'm visiting through the more followers for my craft blog swap in swap-bot. It's only in swap-bot that I learned about FB's and LB's and I've seen a couple of FB's. They are really cute! Happy blogging!

  2. Hi, new follower from swap-bot :) I just learned about FB's too and I am so curious to see one. I'm still not quite sure I get the concept of it but I would love to put together a book with people from all over the world! It sounds amazing :)