Sunday, February 20, 2011

Welcome Swap-bot Followers Please!

I joined a followers swap over at Swap-bot... If you haven't heard of Swap-bot, it is an awesome online community of crafters swapping fun things either online or traditional mail... It is a great way to share your crafts and put something other than bills in the mail box.

For this swap we are to follow 15 blogs so I thought I would share the blogs with all my readers.A couple of the blogs I already follow from previous swaps but I will still list them... Stop by these blogs and say "Hi". Oh and if you are stopping by to follow from the swap would you leave a comment here so I can rate you..

Sanity is Overrated
Studs and Pearls
Fostered Love Forever
Falling and Bruising
Serial Author
My Little Princess
Patricia's Fabric Art
Angelic Lizards
Molly and Ollie
B Positive B Free
Lead Balloon
The Sun and the Turtle


  1. what a great Idea!! I think I'll do this too!

    Christin ( thehappiestprincess - on swapbot!)

  2. hi, i joined this 'swap' as well.
    it's a fun way to get 1) more followers and 2) discover new amazing blogs!


  3. Hi Cariann thanks for following me [blackbird4 sb]

  4. hello! you are one of my partners from swap bot "followers Please"! i dig your blog, love what you posted for swap bot members~that ws an excellent idea, i must do the same! Oddbreed

  5. This is such a great idea! Thanks for visiting and follow my blog from SB....I am so glad to follow you back! I read you're homeschooling...I am doing the same with my daughter, although she's only 2.5 yrs old but loves to do crafts and things with mommy...

  6. That is really cool that you posted the blogs you are visiting. :)

    eveyinorbit following via swapbot

  7. Stopping by from swap-bot.

    This is Angelbaby2

  8. Nice to be following you again (not that I ever really stopped... ;)) Thanks again for promoting my blog as well. I love reading up on your life!

    -- Amber (PisceanMama from Swap-bot for the Followers Please! swap)