Friday, May 20, 2011

Design Chic Blog Hop


I'm always game for a blog hop... actually a lot of my blogging her at the Spot has been surrounding blog hops... kind of lazy I'm sure but whatever it takes to get us blogging I'm play along..
 For the blog hop there is a question...
For your groceries, are you paying with cash or with credit card?

For the most part I pay with cash although when we go shopping together husband pays with a credit card. The card gets paid off every month, so it doesn't cost us any interest and we get a rebate at the end of the year... I don't recommend using a credit card especially when you are on a tight budget which I'm sure most of us are...  Today is actually  a perfect example. I had $40 cash, some cans and bottles to return for refunds and a pile of coupons. We were able to buy the groceries for this weekend with that $40 and ended up with $3.00 left over...  So, sometimes cash in hand is better for the budget and making us more aware of our spending.


  1. I don't own a credit card but I don't pay with cash either. I use debit.

    Now following from blog hop till you drop.

  2. We pretty much pay cash for everything. We don't use credit cards at all although I know we should to some degree.

    Stopping by from the Sundae Hop.

  3. There's a saying... Cash is king! I believe it, too. Thanks for sharing your grocery store information, and also, for participating in my Sundae Hop. I hope I see you again next week!

    I'm newly following via GFC!

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