Tuesday, May 31, 2011

House Party: Velveeta Cheesy Skillets

Just got word today that we have been selected to house a House Party Velveeta Cheesy Skillets party. We are super excited as my boys think cheese is the best thing and love it on everything.
What is a House Party? Let me tell you they are a wonderful activity.. The host receives what I like to call "party in a box" full of things for the party. This particular party will include 4 Velveeta Cheesy Dinner boxes , coupons, memo boards, and tote bags.  We have done other parties with House Party as well as other companies and have always enjoyed the box of goodies and gifts for guests.
As the host you are responsible for setting up the party but are provided with decoration ideas (printable graphics, recipes, game ideas, etc..). We also have something for the kids, this time around I think we will do coloring pictures or something. The other thing I like to do is create a mix CD for the evening and play it while we are having the party. (it really helps that unvldad is a DJ wanna be and loves to remix and mash up tracks.).

We scheduled our party for June 21st and can't wait for the evening to get here. (we would have planned a weekend thing but we do sound work for a small dance studio that has their recital that weekend and it is Father's Day weekend.)

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