Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DIY: Shoe repair

I didn't think about blogging this until I was half done so picture are limited.
Last year I got an adorable pair of ballerina flats with buttons at Payless shoes.

I wore them maybe a dozen times and them broke the button off one of the shoes.. I thought about cutting the straps off but they didn't stay on as well so I put them away thinking I would try and fix them someday.. Well, today was that someday. I dug around and found some white elastic thread, 2 matching seashell buttons, and a plastic canvas needle and went to work.

The design of the shoes is cute and functional which in my world says a lot for shoes.. I don't have small feet , they always seem to be puffy so I try to find cute and comfortable... These fit the bill perfectly.. The big white button was simple and feminine and also more fragile then I thought. I found 2 white seashell buttons in my box of buttons and proceed to sew the button back on the shoe. I still think they are feminine and since they are now fixed they are once again functional. Might even wear them this weekend to the Bloggy Boot Camp in Seattle... Definitely more comfortable them heels... We will see.


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