Monday, May 16, 2011

Feed the Family on Less than $20 a Day

 I  hope to make this a series. I try to feed the family on $100 or less a week. That equates to $20 a day assuming we don’t go out.  I do use coupons however I am not a die-hard extreme couponer.  I have been known to find some really good deals and I am happy when I do. Lately I have been shopping at our local Grocery Outlet and Walmart where I have been able to keep our grocery and basic toiletry budget at about $100 a week.. Thankfully Grocery Outlet actually makes it possible to keep it well under $100.  Here is an example of our $20 a Day Menu from today:
French Toast ( MultiGrain Sourdough bread ½ loaf  $1.80, ½ cup vanilla soy Milk, 3 eggs. $0.75)
Syrup (sometimes we use homemade jam if I can convince the guys to use it rather than syrup)

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup (1/2 loaf whole wheat bread $1.90 Cheese $1.75 , 2 cans Progresso Tomato Soup $1.98)

Chili Mac  ($5.80)

Dessert :
Pudding (used 3 cups Soy Vanilla Milk $2.20)

Butter is expensive so when I made the sandwiches I used about a tablespoon on the grill instead of spreading it on each piece of bread. I also found if I buy the sharp cheddar cheese at Grocery Outlet for the same price as mild cheddar I use less on the boys’ sandwiches for the same or more flavor.
Total for today’s meals  $16.18
The boys did have lemonade packets that ended up being $.20 and I bought a Coke Zero at the little store up the street $1.29 and 2 popsicles $1.20
So the day’s total for the day still under $20.00
This week’s grocery shopping did not include coupons and I am sure if I had coupons I could have saved a dollar or two…
Remember to watch for sales especially on pantry basics (spices, flour, sugars, ect…)

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  1. I need help to manage my grocery budget and so happy to have found your blog!!! I hope you are tweeting your blog post too:)