Monday, May 23, 2011

Review : Green Latern

We were selected to host a Green Latern Party in exchange for a review of the products. We held our party on Mother's Day (probably wasn't the best day to do it but we had fun)

Matel Co. and DC comics have combined to bring this fun line of toys as a new Green Latern Movie is being released in June and should be a summer blockbuster.
The main character Hal Jordan is a human that is selected by a dieing alien to take over as a Green Latern.  Since I have boys I am lucky enough to get to learn all this crazy stuff about aliens and space travel along with the comics and all other things boy related..

We had 5 friends over and enjoyed ourselves making Green veggie snack wrap faces, colored pictures of Hal Jordan as a Green Latern, watched the Green Latern DVD that was provided in our party pack and play a couple rounds of Collosal Canon shots...
Our party pack from Mommy Parties included hardbound comic books, Green Latern Action Figures, 2 Collosal Cannons, Green Latern Rings, a cartoon DVD Green Latern Movie, and a list of party ideas including recipes and games.
Since it was Mother's Day I decided to keep the decorations simple. The action figures and Comic Books went in large baskets, the rings sat in a clear glass bowl on the table, and a simple green vase sat in the center of the Dinning Room Table to add a touch of pretty to the party.

The boys "decorate" flour tortillas with green veggies as a snack. We used a base of sour cream mixed with dip seasoning. Each of the boys made a face with the veggies. 

Once the boys finished up their wraps we put the DVD on and they all sat around the coffee table to watch the movie. Overall the movie is pretty good... I would however not recommend it for younger kids and only allowed my boys to watch parts of the movie (they went outside during a middle section of the movie which was a little more violent than I thought they should watch.)

After the movie we set up a pyramid of plastic drink cups and let the boys take turns shooting the cups down using 1 of the 2 Colossal Cannons that came in our party pack. The cannons make a firing sounds and like up when the trigger is pulled and shot out round flat disks. Each of the cannons comes with 10 discs. I would recommend either playing outside or in a closed room as the discs can easily get lost in the cracks of a kitchen (lesson learned, we lost 4 of the 20 total discs playing in the kitchen.)

Overall the party was a blast and the boys loved the games, snacks, and toys. It was fun to have a party for no other reason than to try out a new product. And I know the boys were very grateful for the opportunity to play with the action figures and have enjoyed reading the comic books. Thank you Mommy Parties for making our Mother's Day a super fun party Day.

****We received a party pack from Mommy Parties in exchange for our honest opinion. All opinions and photos are property of Unvlmom's Spot and no other monetary compensation was received"

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