Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Bulk Foods #atozchallenge

I don’t buy a lot of bulk Foods , but when I find a deal I try to take advantage of it.
Several of the local grocery stores have bulk food bins and I have found that I can save a fair amount of money if I plan ahead.   Staple products for the pantry are usually a better deal in bulk. I have purchased whole wheat flour, rice flour, brown rice as well as wild rice in bulk saving about half what I would have paid buying prepackaged. 
Bulk food can also be purchased at Wholesale Club stores such as Costco but you need to watch and know  your prices and have a budget before you go.
Finally, my new  favorite bulk food buying option. Zaycon Foods, is located in Spokane , Washington but ships to events all over the country. We have purchased lean ground beef and boneless skinless chicken breast. During the Summer and early fall they also offer a variety of fruit in bulk.

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