Saturday, April 21, 2012

O is for opportunities #atozchallenge#blogboost

Blogging has given me opportunities I could not have even dreamed of 10 years ago.

I'm a writer at heart, I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I was that kid in school that thrived when we had to write in a journal daily, I loved stories and poetry, I could dive into a novel and have it read  in a weekend. I thrived on the thrill of seeing my words printed on a white page, the thrill of producing my first one act play in high school, and the adrenaline rush having a group discuss your latest story idea, and finally the comments on my writing blog as I tried my hand at the annual event NaNoWri.
Now my blog has opened new opportunities to share awesome products, opinions, recipes, crafts, and whatever else  a Mom in small town America finds interesting. DaGa Dar Mommy Party This was just one of the fun Mommy Parties we got to do because of the blog. This one was from Mom Select and was a fun Da Ga Dar  party in  a box that my boys and my nephews loved.
And another fun night again from Mom Select was had when we hosted a Cars2 Oral B party, we watched Cars2 2 and learned about tooth care with awesome goodies from Oral B and Crest

I love that I get to meet new amazing people online and on occasion  I get to meet themIMG_20111007_184150 in real life too… Life in the country can get lonely unless you drive into society everyday and since I’m still recovering my shoulder and can’t drive yet, I don’t get much real life Mommy interaction so I am very Thankful for the amazing people I have met online.  Because of my blogging I was able to attend Women of Faith in Portland last fall and got to hang out with some amazing ladies under these awesome lights and hear amazing real stories to inspire our hearts.
I am blessed because of this blog and all the wonderful opportunities I have received because I love to share.

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