Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mommy’s need time, but don’t always have it #MomPact

As a homeschool Mom of 2 boys, I don’t have a lot of time to spend  taking care of me. I get my shower in the morning if  I get to it, otherwise it ends up being a late evening thing.  I don’t always have time to do a whole facial regiment, and I don’t have time for the mess that usually goes along with a full facial regiment.  Thankfully though, I found something that helps the mess, which in turn means I  don’t have to spend time cleaning up after.   On the Cuff, is an simple fix to the problem of  water running down my arms when I wash my face at the sink. on the Cuff 004 Before ON THE CUFF, I would end up with soaked sleeves which meant changing my clothes before I could head out of the bathroom (I usually wash my face at the  bathroom sink if I have time after shower, but before school starts).
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I love how something so simple can help this Mom save a mess and a little time whether it is while washing my face or cleaning the sinks,  ON THE CUFF can save a mess.  ON THE CUFF is  made in the USA of a unique stretchy sponge material that can be dried and used over and over again.
Check out  On the Cuff on Facebook ON THE CUFF is available in a 1 pair pack, packaged in a reusable mesh bag for $7.99   The 4 pair pack with 1 free drying stand included for $24.99  Drying stands sold individually for $5.99

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I try and keep the whole process simple so I was happy to find the  Simple line,  I can wipe the make up off my face  if I happen to wear any that day, then a quick scrub, and a light moisturizer.  I don’t have time for much else.

I am always looking for solutions to making life a little easier whenever possible so I can enjoy the simple things in life,like watching the sunset here in Unionvale
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***this post is part of a giveaway sponsored by MomPact, I received On the Cuff as part of my consultant/affiliate kit, no monetary compensation received for this post and all opinions are that of this writer.****
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